Assault Kommandos-Admit it, you’ve thought about using them

“The Motherland’s have given rise to a new type of soldier bolstered with defiant patriotism and grim resolve. Brutal and effective,  the Assault Kommandos are the edge of the Khadoran sword of conquest. Serving on the front lines of western Immoren’s most hostile battlefields, these troops drive the enemy from the trenches and break their will using cold, calculated efficiency”


Yeah, these guys

That is how the Forces of Warmachine: Khador book describes Assault Kommandos, they are badass frontline troops ready to bring the Motherland’s own special brand of pain to her enemies. However, on the table most people find them to be… let’s say lacking. So in order to talk about Assault Kommandos we need to talk about the problems first so we can look at how to make them better.

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Skorne Sneak Peek for Zaal 2

Got a new teaser for Zaal 2. Which supposedly translates to Room 2 in the translator. Anyway the privateers be ragin after seeing the initial spells but take a look for youself

  • Annihilation
  • Mage Sight
  • Sunder Spirit
  • Transference
  • and Vision

Some say lackluster, some say Skorneluster! Anyway no matter what the community says he will always be better than Sturgis. Guess we won’t know till we see the whole card, anyway here’s the teaser.