Parade Conquest: Erect Colossal Conversion

Khador is a faction that values strength and nothing displays that image better than Conquest. While I love the look of Conquest the crouched down action pose didn’t really do it for me but the picture in the book and the card were exactly what I thought of when I thought of Conquest; a giant coal burning monster of a machine standing straight up and proud, projecting is own strength a well as the strength of Khador itself. I looked at the famed picture of Kovnik Joe on my desk and knew that was what I had to build.

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DISCOVERED! War Room Open Beta for Mobile Phones



Hello, for those of you that are connected to the Warmahordes Privateer I-V, just waiting for it to drip into your veins, we found Privateer has a little hiding spot in the forums to download the open beta of War Room on android updated as of May 3rd.

Just follow their instructions and you can side load the .apk of the new War Room (MK II Cards right now *snap) onto your android mobile. The updated tablet version exists.

But enough of the cool that we know RUUUUUNNN over to this forum link and slowly wait for  that download, to slowly install the app, too slowly install, toooo doo moore dooownloading of pictures. Thus after that the app beta light will beam into your face one more awesome Warmahorde drop from that IV.






Received another story from Privateer on Circle. If you didn’t see it in your email steal ours here.

Words from Privateer Press below:

You’ve seen heroes who fight out of loyalty to their nation, heroes who fight to preserve the history of their people, and “heroes” who fight to accumulate power. In this week’s story, “Clear-Cut,” by Matt Goetz, meet Tanith the Feral Song, a Circle Orboros druid who battles the encroaching influence of men and machines in the wild places of western Immoren. As the wilderness shrinks and the natural power of Caen dwindles, Tanith fights not for honor or valor—she fights for survival.





Recieved this in the Warmachine Newsletter today from Privateer about the Agathia caster.Capture2 (2)977be36b-5f10-4883-a334-af30718eee37


“We’ve already shared two examples of heroes who fight for causes bigger than themselves, risking life and limb to preserve their people in both the past and present. In this week’s story by Zach Parker, meet Bane Witch Agathia, a champion of a different shade, one who will dredge the very depths of hell, risking mind, body and soul, all to attain just another ounce of power.

If you enjoy “Bound in Shadow” and want to dive deeper into the machinations of Cryx’s Nightmare Empire, be sure to check out author Zach Parker’s latest novella from Skull Island eXpeditions, “Wrath of the Dragonfather,” in which the fate of Cygnar and the rest of the Iron Kingdoms will be determined in an epic clash of dragons and armies.”

From Privateer Press