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New FOCUS and FURY Mechanics Revealed

In the coming MK III Privateer has posted how they will update the Focus and Fury mechanics.

Power Up – Every jack with a functional cortex in its caster’s control range (yes, it is control range now) gains a focus point at the start of the Control Phase. The caster can then allocate up to two additional focus points to each jack in its battlegroup. We have found that this one change to the rules has vastly improved the effectiveness of jacks, making larger battlegroups not only viable but a nightmare for the opposition. No more trying to decide whether you want your wcaster to cast another Arcane Bolt or you want your Charger to run. Now you play with the pedal to the metal at all time.

Soul Bond -In addition to the fury a warlock leeches each turn, that warlock also can gain up to one additional fury point for each of his light, heavy, and gargantuan beasts that have been destroyed or removed from play during the game. It seems beasts now continue to serve their masters from the grave, at least for a little while. Soul Bond offsets a lot of the late-game weaknesses in the fury mechanic, keeping your warlock in the game until the bitter end.

Says Jason Soles from Privateer

In addtion to that per the forums Jason also posted this in the forum on Mechanics concerning the Cephalyx and COC.

PPS_Soles: “I just wanted to jump in here because I feel like I should have addressed these questions in my Insider. My apologies for neglecting to explain the changes to monstrosities and vectors. Not being jacks, Cephalyx monstrosities do not benefit from Power Up. Instead, a monstrosity gains 1 focus point each time it suffers damage as a result of a continuous effect or from an attack (whether made by a friendly model or an enemy). And instead of having these focus points removed during the Maintenance Phase, monstrosities retain their focus points until they have been spent.

Likewise, Power Up does not affect the vectors of the Convergence of Cyriss (which are actually considered jacks in the new edition, albeit jacks without a cortex). Instead they rely on Focus Induction to keep the focus flowing. Focus Induction now simply states: “When a Convergence jack spends a focus point during its activation, you can give a focus point to another Convergence jack if the two are in the same battlegroup and are within 6˝ of one another.” That’s it. So, one jack can spend all of its focus to fill up the next jack and so on until the same 3 focus points have flowed through every jack in your battlegroup.”

thats from soles in this thread:

WARMACHINE MK III….er whatever is happening

Something happened today…..Privateer decided that not only do they need to control our wallet, but they need to  own our retirement accounts as well. That’s right MK III is coming June 29th 2016. News of new rules, new casters and lockes, battle boxes, cards. It’s like a tsunami of new for the game and it all looks pretty awesome.We dug up some photos through watching the videos and exploring the site of some of the new stuff.


So head over to to soak up all of the new happening today.