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Cryxian MK III Point Costs (For Now)

Cryx MK3 point costs – Cryx.PDF DOWNLOAD

Thanks to Stefan Riegler of Facebook for templating this for MK 3 point costs for Khador. This is just the info from the leaks so nothing is official from Privateer. For theoreticles and imaginacles it should help in pregaming some lists.

We’ve seen some great speculating with all bird armies (Denny3, Carrion Thralls, Shrikes, and Scavengers) and Venethrax with all Helldivers. I’ll try to post some lists we are thinking would be great, if you have any leave some ideas in the comments.



TheChosen.pdf DOWNLOAD

New Story from Privateer and Kryssa of Legion….and now Privateers words for all who did not recieve.

“Not every hero seeks universal acceptance and renown, and some fight for a singular purpose that may seem alien or even villainous to others. Such is the case with the hero in this week’s story, “The Chosen,” by Aeryn Rudel. Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight, is a Legion of Everblight warlock who bears a shard of the athanc, the soul stone, of one of the mightiest creatures on Caen: a dragon. She fights to be worthy of Everblight’s favor, she fights to spread Everblight’s influence throughout Caen, but most of all, she fights to earn the dragon’s providence.”



FiresofTruth .PDF DOWNLOAD

Malekus Menoth Story-01


New Privateer present today for those that didn’t get it.for the holiest of rolliest!!

Privateerian Words below-

“Some heroes fight out of a sense of duty, others take to the battlefield to protect the legacy of their people or simply to enforce their will upon others. In this week’s story, “Fires of Truth” by William Shick, you’ll meet Malekus, The Burning Truth, a Protectorate of Menoth warcaster and priest who fights in the name of something much larger than himself: the god Menoth, Creator of Man. But salvation is not so easily won, and Malekus brings the holy fire of his god to the infidels and unbelievers of the world so that they, too, might feel the blazing power of Menoth’s truth…and perhaps die for it.





Parade Conquest: Erect Colossal Conversion

Khador is a faction that values strength and nothing displays that image better than Conquest. While I love the look of Conquest the crouched down action pose didn’t really do it for me but the picture in the book and the card were exactly what I thought of when I thought of Conquest; a giant coal burning monster of a machine standing straight up and proud, projecting is own strength a well as the strength of Khador itself. I looked at the famed picture of Kovnik Joe on my desk and knew that was what I had to build.

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