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Mk III is almost here and with that an end the the lore teasers. Here is the Skorne story from Privateer for those that didn’t get it in there mailbox.

Privateer had this to say in the email-

“Heroes often fail, giving their lives in pursuit of a deeply held conviction, be it religious or patriotic. But some heroes refuse to submit to death, even if life promises nothing more than constant agony. Such is the case with the skorne mortitheurge Beast Master Xekaar, whose battered flesh bears the scars of his failure and serves as a testament to his rebirth through pain. In this week’s story, “In Agony Reborn” by Aeryn Rudel, you will witness Xekaar not only overcome his torment but use its inherent power to dominate his enemies.”

Skorne Sneak Peek for Zaal 2

Got a new teaser for Zaal 2. Which supposedly translates to Room 2 in the translator. Anyway the privateers be ragin after seeing the initial spells but take a look for youself

  • Annihilation
  • Mage Sight
  • Sunder Spirit
  • Transference
  • and Vision

Some say lackluster, some say Skorneluster! Anyway no matter what the community says he will always be better than Sturgis. Guess we won’t know till we see the whole card, anyway here’s the teaser.