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Kozlov Story from Privateer Press

PathofHonorPathofBlood.pdf DOWNLOAD

The ninth and final tube sock can be used today as the last of the new caster prologues hit the emails. Hope this helps those that need some castertainment this on this good morrow.

Words from Privateer~

To some heroes, the history of their lands and people are more important than personal honor or glory. Lord Rikard Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad, is such a hero, and he fights to protect the men and women who live on his ancestral lands, using his warcaster ability to destroy those who would endanger them. In this week’s story, “Path of Honor, Path of Blood” by Darla Kennerud, you will see Lord Kozlov battle a fierce enemy to safeguard his home, his people, and most important, the ancient traditions that bind them all together.

MK III Wrong Eye Back Card Interpretation


The internet is spreading some pic of the MK-III card boxes around today with a preview of the back of Wrong Eyes card…lowest of resolution possible. Like a lazy 8 bit pic. We did our best to try to interpret the card. It’s all just some fun speculation but here is what we saw.

Details We Think Card Says-


Gatorman Warlock
Lesser Warlock
Life Drinker


Influence: Take control of target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model. The model immediately makes one basic attack, then Influence expires. A model can only be affected by Influence once a turn.

Star Crossed: Cost 3 | Rng Self | AoE CTRL | Dur RND

*Spell similar to Calandra – seems mostly the same except that instead of “this model” its replaced by “the spellcaster”,+Oracle+of+the+Glimmerwood

We didn’t see an amphibious but maybe that is an icon now? No companion but i believe that is on Snapjaws card anyway. So possibly gone are the days of voodoo doll.






MKIII New Unboxing from PHD Games

Privateer has been traveling around visiting the big guys and giving them some insight into MKIII news. Here are some of the new images and unboxing photos that they found.



They also have an unpacking preview. We got to excited relaying this information now are eyeballs will study these image eye candy. Thanks to PHD for providing the work and information on these MK III previews.