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Received another story from Privateer on Circle. If you didn’t see it in your email steal ours here.

Words from Privateer Press below:

You’ve seen heroes who fight out of loyalty to their nation, heroes who fight to preserve the history of their people, and “heroes” who fight to accumulate power. In this week’s story, “Clear-Cut,” by Matt Goetz, meet Tanith the Feral Song, a Circle Orboros druid who battles the encroaching influence of men and machines in the wild places of western Immoren. As the wilderness shrinks and the natural power of Caen dwindles, Tanith fights not for honor or valor—she fights for survival.





Recieved this in the Warmachine Newsletter today from Privateer about the Agathia caster.Capture2 (2)977be36b-5f10-4883-a334-af30718eee37


“We’ve already shared two examples of heroes who fight for causes bigger than themselves, risking life and limb to preserve their people in both the past and present. In this week’s story by Zach Parker, meet Bane Witch Agathia, a champion of a different shade, one who will dredge the very depths of hell, risking mind, body and soul, all to attain just another ounce of power.

If you enjoy “Bound in Shadow” and want to dive deeper into the machinations of Cryx’s Nightmare Empire, be sure to check out author Zach Parker’s latest novella from Skull Island eXpeditions, “Wrath of the Dragonfather,” in which the fate of Cygnar and the rest of the Iron Kingdoms will be determined in an epic clash of dragons and armies.”

From Privateer Press

MK III Wrong Eye Back Card Interpretation


The internet is spreading some pic of the MK-III card boxes around today with a preview of the back of Wrong Eyes card…lowest of resolution possible. Like a lazy 8 bit pic. We did our best to try to interpret the card. It’s all just some fun speculation but here is what we saw.

Details We Think Card Says-


Gatorman Warlock
Lesser Warlock
Life Drinker


Influence: Take control of target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model. The model immediately makes one basic attack, then Influence expires. A model can only be affected by Influence once a turn.

Star Crossed: Cost 3 | Rng Self | AoE CTRL | Dur RND

*Spell similar to Calandra – seems mostly the same except that instead of “this model” its replaced by “the spellcaster”,+Oracle+of+the+Glimmerwood

We didn’t see an amphibious but maybe that is an icon now? No companion but i believe that is on Snapjaws card anyway. So possibly gone are the days of voodoo doll.






MKIII New Unboxing from PHD Games

Privateer has been traveling around visiting the big guys and giving them some insight into MKIII news. Here are some of the new images and unboxing photos that they found.



They also have an unpacking preview. We got to excited relaying this information now are eyeballs will study these image eye candy. Thanks to PHD for providing the work and information on these MK III previews.



Story on Ragnor: from Privateer Newsletter



Another awesome story from Privateer newsletter for those that didn’t get it.

Words from Privateer~

“Today, we are excited to deliver to you our second thrilling story, featuring the first appearance of the newest Trollblood warlock: Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster.

Uprooted from their homelands and fractured across the Iron Kingdoms, the trollkin kriels face a grim and uncertain future. In Aeryn Rudel’s tale, “Keeper of the Stones,” the indomitable Ragnor Skysplitter shows us just how far one trollkin will go to preserve the vanishing Trollblood legacy.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the newest characters to join WARMACHINE and HORDES. Watch your email next week for an all-new tale and exciting updates on the forthcoming new editions!”