Football Dervish

Football Dervish makes Bonesaw a striker with Amazing goal threat range but judging by posts on the forums there is a lot of confusion about how it works. We’ll explain it here and show how it managed to get Bonesaw out of an ugly position and into a goal.
Bonesaw is able to use this trait to pass to a friendly model, use Give ‘n’ Go for 4″ dodge, trigger Football Dervish so the friendly model passes the ball back to Bonesaw who then uses a Pass ‘n’ Move to make another 4″ dodge. You need to start this already having 2 Momentum (minimum) and 2-3 Influence on Bonesaw. If all passes are successful it gives Bonesaw an unaided 24″ goal threat! here are some pictures from a game where Football Dervish worked perfectly. Red lines are Dodges, blue are Passes and green is normal advance.

Bonesaw begins here, engaged by Fahad and Egret.
Pass 1
He passes to Silence and gains 1 Momentum for successful pass.
Dodge 1
Spend 1 Momentum for Football Dervish. Silence passes to Bonesaw gain 1 Momentum for successful pass
Dodge 2
Spend 1 Momentum for Pass ‘n’ Move, another 4″ dodge
Now Bonesaw can make his normal move. In this game he was snared and only had 1 Influence so I opted to Jog 4″ (reduced 2″ by Snare) it was enough to get into Tap In range  and score with Bonesaw.

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