Kozlov Story from Privateer Press

PathofHonorPathofBlood.pdf DOWNLOAD

The ninth and final tube sock can be used today as the last of the new caster prologues hit the emails. Hope this helps those that need some castertainment this on this good morrow.

Words from Privateer~

To some heroes, the history of their lands and people are more important than personal honor or glory. Lord Rikard Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad, is such a hero, and he fights to protect the men and women who live on his ancestral lands, using his warcaster ability to destroy those who would endanger them. In this week’s story, “Path of Honor, Path of Blood” by Darla Kennerud, you will see Lord Kozlov battle a fierce enemy to safeguard his home, his people, and most important, the ancient traditions that bind them all together.

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