Parade Conquest: Erect Colossal Conversion

Khador is a faction that values strength and nothing displays that image better than Conquest. While I love the look of Conquest the crouched down action pose didn’t really do it for me but the picture in the book and the card were exactly what I thought of when I thought of Conquest; a giant coal burning monster of a machine standing straight up and proud, projecting is own strength a well as the strength of Khador itself. I looked at the famed picture of Kovnik Joe on my desk and knew that was what I had to build.

Overall this is an easy conversion to make as it requires no major changes to the upper body only the legs require modification. Starting with the legs I sand the notches on the upper legs and torso so that they can be moved from the original position. For the lower legs I removed the cylinders that connect the lower leg to the upper leg this is easier than trying to modify the ones that are there. Then I glue the lower legs to the upper legs in a standing position. Then I drilled both legs and torso to pin them together.


I use brass tubing and stainless steel to make replacements. I cut four small pieces of the brass tube with a tubing cutter which is a pain in the ass. Then two pieces of the rod with a hacksaw   “ long . I use a file to clean the inside so that the stainless rod will slide in. Then brass pieces are positioned on the legs in the same spot as the originals with the steel rod sticking out of the top collar.


I assembled the top as normal but made sure to position the arms in more relaxed  walking motion instead of the stock action motion. Then the body is attached to the legs, this way you can ensure that Conquest isn’t looking at the ground or too high into the sky.


From there it was onto the base. I decided on a cobblestone road with a Khador logo in the middle. It’s made with woodland scenics model concrete. I laid out and poured the logo first and tinted it, after it was dry I did the rest without tint. Ultimately it did not look how I wanted to so I painted the separate areas.

Which is mostly hidden when fatty is on it

Next up flags. The wood is a dowel for the bottom, small square cut pine for the posts and a thin strip for the arm; all available at my local crafts store. I had made different plans but due to space on the base and around the model I went with a 90° arm and a brass rod to support the flags.


I used the factory edge of the fabric for the fraying on the bottom. I folded and sewed the vertical edges to give it a clean look and used gold thread because I’m classy. Then I gave them to a friend to print the logos on them


Once everything was glued to the base I added some grass growing between some of the cracks in the cobblestone there was only one thing left for conquest to do…. Strut!

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